- COVID-19 and Massage
Additional Actions Taken at My Studio

I already exercise the usual massage standards of
practice that include cleaning the massage table, face
cradle and armrest; installing fresh sheets and face
cradle cover; and washing my hands before and after
your session. Additionally, I will now avoid massaging
your upper chest, upper arms and leaning into the area
of your face.

With the advent of the COVID-19 virus I have instituted
these added procedures at least through June 30, 2021.

Additional Actions
Along with the above I will also be sanitizing with
approved disinfectants the following.

  • Home front door handles inside and outside
  • Bathroom toilet, faucets, counter top, door handle, light
  • Massage room light switch, client shelf
  • Drape client chair for you to place all your belongings
  • Massage cream dispenser, hot towel cabinet touch zones
  • Clipper and grooming gear as appropriate
  • Sound system controls
  • Cellphone and credit card scanner as necessary
Your Responsibilities

If you are sick, have recently recovered from a cold or
flu, please do not book an appointment until you feel
100% well. I will inquire if you have been in contact with
anyone who has been infected, and if you have been
practicing self quarantine .
NOTE: It is up to my discretion
to proceed with scheduling your appointment request.

I will provide you with a complimentary NEW,
individually wrapped KN95 mask, approved by the
FDA under their  Emergency Use Authorization
(EUA). You must wear the mask while face up on
the massage table, or any other time you so desire.

Additionally, I will be masked while you are face up
on the table.
And, If you request, I will wear a mask
during the entire session.

You must have a shower upon arrival at my studio.
Currently Taking Appointments
Information about COVID-19 and Massage
Studio Air Treatment

A Homedics® TotalClean® 5-in-1 UV
Medium Room Air Purifier has been
installed in the studio and operated
according to instructions to purify the
air with UV-C technology kills 99.9% of
viruses and bacteria while the HEPA
air filter captures 99.97% of airborne
particulates. The unit is operated for
two hours prior to your session.