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Get Groomed! Be Proud of Your Body!

Get Groomed - Get It On
A study finds well-groomed men get sex 15.5 times per
month, compared to 7.8 times for non-groomed men.
The study also reveals  well-groomed males are also
happier with life, more outgoing and sociable and much
more likely to report living their dreams.

Survey after survey indicates men prefer men who are
shaved down there!

PAIN FREE Grooming
No expensive and painful laser treatments. No stinging,
burning, smelly electrolysis. And, no hot wax and hair
yanking torture! Just, a pleasurable, good ol'
fashioned trimming and slippery shaving hand job.

Come for our man for man grooming in Tucson and
leave happy.
Clean Shaven Scrotum Preferred by Male Grooming in Tucson AZ
Shaves Balls Preferred - Male M4M Grooming in Tucson Arizona
Normal to Modest Body Hair Preferred M4M Body Hair Grooming Survey Tucson AZ
46% Trim Pubic Hair male to male body grooming survey Tucson AZ
60% Prefer Shaving over other methods of Body Grooming Men for Men Tucson
Chest Half Natural and Half Shaved Man for Man Grooming Tucson AZ
Pubic Hair Trimmed at M4M Massage Tucson AZ
Pubic Hair Clipped man to man massage in Tucson AZ
Clipped pubic hair M4M massage and grooming in Tucson
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