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Garner a New Look!

You have often wondered about how you would look
with a properly manscaped private area. Perhaps you
were reluctant for fear of sharp, buzzing, fast moving
clipper blade or, gleaming razor hovering around your
"boys". Or, you would get the hair uneven, or you have
already nicked yourself or worse...

Well, here is your opportunity to receive some special,
objective suggestions on how to showcase your
package and then have the plan executed a guy with
seven years experience doing men!

And, here is a big secret: trim the hair to make your
equipment appear larger and "spills" easier to clean up.

Check the
Grooming page for interesting results of a
survey of men regarding manscaping.

Tucson Rates page lists other areas available for

Let's Get Rolling

Complete the form below to start your adventure to a new look by
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hours for a reply to firm up the date.
FREE Clip or Shave of Privates