I always respect where you are coming from. Even
though I may not agree with you, I do not overstep
YOUR boundaries. The same goes for you - please do
not ask me to overstep my boundaries. No is no!

As a professional practitioner, I have seen it all! Muscle
jocks, fems, closeted married dudes, bears, twinks, bi’s,
guys with more stitches than Frankenstein and some
flaccid penises you’d have to do a double take to see,
and conversely, some boners that would scare a horse.

It has no business here!

Draping (Covering)
Draping with a sheet is optional, but if you feel
uncomfortable, ask to be draped.
Clothing Optional
Please feel free to undress to your own level of comfort
- undies, no problem...nothing at all, no problem. But,
you will receive the most rewarding experience nude.

Massage and Sex
By engaging in a man for man massage session you
agree verbally or non-verbally there may be sexual
feelings (see Respect, above). Unlike the training of
most massage institutions, I recognize one cannot
separate the body from the rest of the being. Sessions
FOCUS ON MASSAGE, but always incorporate
elements of light touch, which to some is quite erotic.
This light touch counterbalances the high energy
associated with working out muscular tension against
the low energy of feathery, sensuous touch. Erections
sometimes occur and are considered normal in the
course of massage work.

Always Safe
We observe the medical “Standard Precautions.”

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