- Accolades
Thank you so much for making time for me today. I feel
amazing and really enjoyed myself. I wont be so
awkward/nervous in the future. I look forward to seeing
you again soon. Tory
Thank you. I was definitely in need of a good massage.
With the COVID thing and staying indoors and not going
anywhere it has been quite a while. I wasn't sure if you
were doing massages or not with all this going on. So I
took a chance and looked at your website. Thank you
very much I enjoyed it immensely. Mike in TUC
Hi Fred, This is Michael...just wanted to thank you again
for the wonderful session this morning...I'm feeling
great. You are amazing!!! Michael C. in Tucson AZ
Your massages were great. I am thanking you! We had a
massage therapist for two years named Enrique that we
loved. He was extremely intuitive, personable and
professional. He, regrettably, moved to Denver. He was
the best we had ever gone to. You're better! Dennis C. in
Hi Fred!
I had a great experience! You really know your way
around the body, and I’m impressed you found those
areas in my back that were so knotted. I felt instantly
comfortable in your presence and had no problem
submitting to your touch- it was terrific. Bill G. in Tucson
Our time together is really special for me, Fred. I feel very
fortunate to have met you. Thank you. William fm Tucson
Hi Fred. Your massage was the best I have every
enjoyed.  Regards, Larry
Thank you, I rested very well last night.  The stretching in
particular was very good.

I had never had a massage by a male before so I was a
little apprehensive and almost cancelled the
appointment.  I'm glad I didn't.

I wasn't sure what to expect and I'm not sure what you
were expecting, but I think things worked out OK. Thank
you for your patience and understanding. Rick
Just a note of appreciation for the fantastic treatment
from you Fred on Wednesday. You are amazing. I will
definitely return. Paul B.
Hi Fred. Thanks so much for the follow-up call. The
massage was wonderful. You do a tremendous job with
those beautiful hands. Jay fm Canada
Very good night's rest. Our session was extremely
satisfying. Thank you for the attention to detail. Ed fm
Thanks again for the great massage. You are awesome.
That was a religious experience. Have great summer
Peace. Paul fm MN
Hi Fred. Thanks so much for the follow-up call. The
massage was wonderful. I've actually "re-lived" parts of it
in my mind. You do a tremendous job with those
beautiful hands. I do hope I can keep in touch with you.
And yes, I slept very well. Jay in Tuc
Morning FRED. Our session on Sunday was superb.
You have a wonderful way about you -- a connected and
sincere touch backed-up by an authentic self. I look
forward to our continued association. Thank you.
William in Tucson
Thank you and I enjoyed it very much. I love your soft
touch but also the firm touch when needed and the
stretching. John S., Tucson AZ
Hi Fred, thanks! I wasn't quite as sore this morning, so
the stretching is clearly helping. I appreciate your work!
Gary B., Tucson AZ
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