- Accolades
Client's Just Like You Say...

The masseur's touch was gentle and healing. Swedish
style I discovered was not too different from your style. I
like your style a lot and the kind of intimacy you give
me. Regards. Nino

Thank you Fred. Getting groomed, massaged &
pampered by you was my pleasure... ID

Thank you for the pleasurable service I got last. I really
enjoyed every minute I was with you. Gerard

Thank you for today Fred. You do have a special
way with me that makes me feel amazing. The Rock

Thank you. I really enjoy the massages. They make me
feel really good. Steve

It's nice to have that service available to me
when I need it.  So, thank you. DREW

Best massage in town! Ric Brown

Thanks so much for the service, Fred. You are a
very considerate person and you certainly know
your way around the body. The experience was
most relaxing and stress-relieving.  Norm
Thanks, Fred, for yesterday that was amazing -- entire
massage! C Matthews

You make me feel so good. The feeling is
incredible. Steve S

Good morning!! Thank you for yesterday , was exactly
what I needed, enjoyed it a lot! Hope you did too!!

Fred. Thank you for an amazing massage the
other day. Steve

That was fantastic. You got to all the worst spots, and
while, yes, spots in my neck and shoulders are a bit
sore this morning, it [the massage] made a huge
difference. Slept like a baby. Everything was much
more than I could have hoped for. Joe

As always you give a wonderful massage and
some how know exactly what I need. Til next time,
Thanks. Jim

Thanks Fred! Always feels amazing with you. See you
soon. Have an awesome weekend. Rocky

Hi Fred I just would like to Thank You again for
the wonderful massage. I felt so light. Bobby K